Bailey Williams - Even Strokes

Bailey Williams

I started riding a quad bike at 18 months and got my first PW50 at 3 1/2 years old.  My dad was a pretty good rider and I’ve always been bike mad so I couldn’t wait to get riding! My cousins ride too and we share the same team number 00.

I currently ride a KTM 65SX and I love riding sand and Fat Cats Moto park is definitely one of the favourites.  I quite often ride VIP and Arncott because they are pretty close and I really enjoy riding Culham and Wroxton when I get the chance.

I was signed up to ride with the Bridgestone British masters this year and CJMX. We like to have the freedom to dip in and out of clubs and get out racing as much as possible so really wherever is on within a few hours drive.   I also race in the Bridgestone British masters.  I think my most memorable event was master kids in France that was awesome riding with people from all around the world! 

I love being with my friends and every Monday I’m just waiting for it to be the weekend so I can get out on my bike. I live for the weekends Motocross and camping with all my Mx pals is just the best. I can’t wait to get to know all the riders better to make new friends on and off the track.