Finley Horn - Even Strokes

Finley Horn

Christmas 2013 dad (Father Christmas) bought me a Honda QR 50, me and my brother Rhys started riding at the local batch in Tyning, going round and round we even made a small jump, sometimes we would also ride at Grey field woods on a flat field.


We got bigger so dad took us to Cheddar MX a few times on the kids track, I then had the bug and wanted to race. We then got a KTM 50 and we joined Severn valley and have never looked back. 

We started to ride with south Somerset alongside Severn Valley to get a range of tracks. We left Severn Valley to be able to complete all the race meets but practiced with Thornbury MX as well.

We then joined Corsham who we are currently with and with their championship, I’m riding an 85 KTM (I really want a Yamaha 125 next).
We go all around to practice on different tracks, depending on weather.
My favourite track I would say is Lommel, because it’s fast and fun and nice to ride sand sometimes.

My best race so far was when I got my first checkered flag at Cusses Gorse, I beat Louis Vincent it was 1st June 2019. I couldn’t believe it.
I’m part of school club which play rugby and cricket and I also do boxing at a local club in Radstock, mainly to keep fit, but I also enjoy it.