Jesse James - Even Strokes

Jesse James


I started riding a PW50 which I had for my 5th birthday. I always loved bikes from an early age because my dad had a road bike and my mum had a dirtbike. 

At 18 months old you would always find me wearing my dad's motorbike boots and one of his Rossi helmets racing around the house on my balance bike.

I currently ride a KTM 50 but am now transitioning over to a KTM65. My favorite track is Ludlow,  The track you'll find me on the most is New Radnor MX Track. When I'm doing MX races I ride with RYMC club. When I ride enduro races it's with WOR Events and Rhayader Motor Club.

I normally ride in the Welsh Open Hare and Hounds Championship and this year I entered in the Wor Events WES Hare and Hounds Series. My best race this year was in Firbank Cumbria where I came 1st. I love both Enduro and MX hoping to do more Mx next year.

I started with a Revi electric bike but it became very slow very quickly. I also love to do Karate as I think it helps with keeping myself disciplined on my bike.

When not riding I watch all my favorite riders like Tony Caroli, Hayden Deegan and Eli Tomac while eating my favorite food of all time Spaghetti and Meatballs.

I  ride with number 46 because I love MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi. I even have a French Bulldog called Rossi.  I have 2 other dogs, a Frenchie called Chaos and a Staffy called Oakley. My favorite holiday is Tenby because I love watching films in my caravan and spending time on the beach.

My other interests include skateboarding, riding my bmx down my local pump track, Karate and playing Motocross and Supercross games on my PlayStation. When I grow up I want to be a Mx World Champion.