Mason Brown - Even Strokes

Mason Brown

I started riding at the age of three on my PW50 after watching my dad race and being bike mad for years. My dad tried getting me to play golf or football but I was only interested in MX!


I have just moved onto a 65cc Husqvarna after starting the season on an automatic.  My favourite track is Doncaster MotoPark as that is where I won my first ever race.  I am currently racing with cotswold club and Cheshire and am entered into the Bridgestone British master for next season.  The best event I ever raced was the ACU team event for Cheshire north west or the northern challenge for Cotswold club.

I was racing the Cotswold championship this season and Cheshire and I was leading both until they got cancelled.  I love mountain biking and climbing, my dad says I like any sport that I can hurt myself 😂😂