2021 Sponsorship with Even Strokes - Even Strokes

2021 Sponsorship with Even Strokes

Hey everyone, thank you for all the applications we have received for support in 2021, we had over 400+ emails, messages and forms to go through. We were hoping to have already gone through and invited some riders to work with however due to myself being ill (flu) and my wife catching COVID it's pushed us back a little on delivering good news to the riders selected and bad news to those that have not met the level of social media we are after.

We will be releasing the list of riders that we will be supporting in 2021 on January 4th at 6pm. For those that miss out, do not worry, we have another way you can prove that we made a mistake in not accepting your application and we love people who are prepared to show us we made a mistake in not picking them! We have built a social analyzer just for Moto where you can sign up and add your social accounts where we will score your engagement and reach on social for moto. As they say data doesn't lie and if we have got it wrong you will be able to show us. Also we will use the platform to scout future sponsored riders and ambassadors. We even have the ability for you to add your results from your race meetings, photos and videos to further impress us or other companies that are signed up to our system.

Thank you to everyone that wants to be part of our program, the bigger Even Strokes becomes the bigger the program we can run.