A warm welcome to Fox Racing - Even Strokes

A warm welcome to Fox Racing

We already have some fantastic brands on Even Strokes steeped in history in the form of Alpinestars and Yoko and to round them off we have managed to add Fox Racing. If you ride a dirt bike quite simply you know the brand, if you don’t ride a dirt bike, you may well know the brand, they are that big. Even Strokes will start selling some 2020 range that is still in stock with Fox, however we have our eyes fully focused on the new 2021 drop that will be landing with us soon. We’ve managed to have a up, close and personal session with the kit at the Fox HQ and it looks so good, in fact we believe it’s their strongest range yet. 

Even more good news is we will also be selling Fox casual range for men, women and youth to go along with the helmets, knee/elbow/chest protection, boots, gloves, shirts, pants, goggles, socks, bags that Fox offer. The cherry on the cake for us is that we will also be selling the Shift brand, the 2021 range is something I’m personally very excited about after being shown it earlier this year, the brand and kit just seem to offer something a little different to what is out there on the market. 

For the moment we have some fantastic kit at reduced prices already on the website here - https://evenstrokes.com/collections/fox with some products saving you 20%. What we have in stock is on the website and once it’s gone it’s gone, so it won’t hang around at these prices for long. 

Adding Fox to Even Strokes is like getting the shiny panini sticker in a packet, we’re pumped to have the brand on board and we think that the quality of the brand and products complements the brands we really have as partners really well. As we have mentioned several times we are very keen to try and make motocross as affordable as possible and like every other brand on Even Strokes you can reclaim points to cash in when purchasing Fox. If you don’t know abou the Even Strokes Loyalty program it’s definitely worth checking it out here - https://evenstrokes.com/pages/even-strokes-loyalty-scheme

We have so much planned for the Fox 2021 launch, along with some great opportunities and announcements also make sure you keep checking in and if you haven’t done already, pick yourself up a Fox bargain.