Even Strokes Ride Day No4 - Even Strokes

Even Strokes Ride Day No4

We once again visited the well maintained and welcoming Moto101 track and staff for our 4th Even Strokes ride day. Thanks to Ryan, Max and Jazz for making the riders feel so welcome and for the track conditions that made for a great day of training.

The guest coach this time was MXGP and British Championship rider Adam Sterry of Hitachi KTM. Adam was a very popular choice amongst the riders and was able to offer a wealth of information and get across some insights that helped improve each rider through out the day.

With no official training academy in the UK and no structure for kids to learn, Even Strokes have been working with 34 kids from all backgrounds and all levels of the sport aged 6 to 16. The purpose is to help improve the riding ability and skill of each rider so each time they go away from a training day they take away some knowledge that will help them ride the bike correctly to their ability making them safer, stronger and more experienced. One thing we have noticed over the past 12 months is how much each rider has improved over this period, the majority look completely different to when they first came to training day number 1!

Even Strokes race program is now in its 12th month after starting in August 2020 and has been a huge success so far. This has only been possible with the help and support of Ryan Wilson Moto101, Lawson Benjamin Marshfield, Stuart Griffiths, Dan Thornhill, Josh Spinks, Carlton Husband, Adam Sterry and the Even Strokes staff.