Even Strokes Sponsored Riders 2021 | Week 31 Roundup - Even Strokes

Even Strokes Sponsored Riders 2021 | Week 31 Roundup

Week 31 and we had 6 riders out riding and racing around the UK representing Even Strokes!

Here is a small report and images of each rider that has been out having fun.


Esme Hayes

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Esmé was at a track day on Saturday at Cardenden having fun with her friends where she was flying round the track. Esmé's getting quicker with every ride and more confident hitting the jumps at pace.



 Jack Evans

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Round 7 and 8 of the AMCA Championship at Brookthorpe this weekend and Jack continued his battle to move up the championship leaderboard. Qualifying 3rd, he went 5-6 to take 5th overall on Saturday and 10-7-5 on Sunday, scooping 7th overall.


Lottie Taylor

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Lottie rode her socks off at the weekend. Fantastic weekend in which Lottie improved every moto and come back smiling. BSMA Nationals were fantastic and we will definitely be back riding more in the future. Team#52 Even Strokes Laser Tools Racing.



Tate Vincent

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Tate went to Wildtracks at the weekend for practice and raced Sunday at the same track. He rode brilliant all weekend with a 4-2-3 results and had the fastest lap time in both race one and race two. Tate had a great weekend riding with Even Strokes team mate Jack Clark.


Charlie Simons

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A few bike issues at Mildenhall at the weekend sent me home early. Luckily we can get it fixed in time for the Even Strokes ride day.

Jesse James

Big Line up in the Welsh Open Youth Hare & Hound Series. Jesse James moved up to the 65 expert class this year. Jesse raced his little heart out on a very muddy and slippery track. A couple of falls, however Jesse still managed and impressive 11th out of 22.