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Even Strokes Sponsorship Program visits Moto101

Wednesday 14th July Even Strokes took over the fantastic Moto101 venue in Grantham and the track conditions were absolutely perfect with a track prepped to perfection. Despite days of rain that threatened the event, the Moto101 crew put in a huge effort to get the track looking fantastic.

Current MX Nationals and British Championship rider and at this time current Red Plate holder was on hand to train 16 lucky riders who were able to participate on the day. All the riders were part of the Even Strokes program that has been in affect since July 2020 and started with just 10 riders! Over the past 12 months this program has grown to 34 riders from all different backgrounds and levels, but share one thing in common, their love for motocross.

One thing that is apparent, is the continual development of these riders on and off the track, it's been an amazing journey to watch these kids evolve as people but also as riders. Dan Thornhill, Josh Spinks and Carlton Husband have been instrumental in helping these young riders develop over the past 12 months with our third ride day.

The Even Strokes team were on hand to dish out new gear for those who have grown a bit too much over the past year (each rider has had up to 3 kits given to them for free). Along with this years Yoko Kit, a package of Motorex Oils and Muc-Off were provided to the riders for free. Changes have been made as Yoko's strategy has changed, Muc-Off had a change in marketing, so the program is pleased to welcome Just1 and Pro Clean. Each rider in 2022 will have two sets of Just1 gear with any further gear needed heavily subsidized by Even Strokes and a unique agreement with Pro Clean that everytime Even Strokes orders product 10% will be given free of charge to the kids sponsorship program.

The riders have smashed it out of the park with social media this year, with posts, stories, likes, comments and shares contributing to posts going viral. The collaboration of riders and parents working together is unique but its enabling the program to gain huge traction. If you are a brand and social media is a big part of your goals and strategic performance, then our program is perfect for you, get in contact with james.burfield@evenstrokes.com.