January 2021 Customer Competition - Did you win? - Even Strokes

January 2021 Customer Competition - Did you win?

Hey everyone, we are super excited to announce the winners of our first competition. We wanted to reward you guys, our customers for buying your products from us. As our business grows so does the expenditure to market and we thought rather than give Facebook and Google our money, we would give it back to the people that support us!

So every month this year we will run our £1000 giveaway, where first prize is a set of Talon Evo Wheels, second a set of kit right the way down to fifth prize which is a £50 Muc-Off Package.

So we used https://commentpicker.com/random-picker.php where we loaded everyone who spent over over £14.99 on purchases in January and picked 5 winners!

The video is a little jumpy (vid1 & vid2) but wanted to put it out there for people to see it really is random, no favourites, no fixes just 5 lucky people each month.

So here are the winners:

1st - George Pikett (Set of Talon Evo Wheels)

2nd - Ben Moore (Set of FXR Clutch Kit)

3rd - Andrea Starsmore (Prox £150 Parts)

4th - Matthew Balls (Motorex £100 Oils and Lubes)

5th - Andrea Palfrey (£50 Muc-Off Products)


Congrats to all the winners! Thank you so much for your support in these testing times.