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JUST1 J18 Helmet tried and tested by Brad Wheeler

Upon first glance the Just1 J18 helmet is sleek and stylish. It’s well crafted edges help in the J18’s aerodynamics allowing air to pass freely over and through the helmet. The helmet is designed and manufactured in Italy, and one of things Italians are best known for is fashion and style. So the helmet definitely will not be lacking in the looks department. There are just a few little details in the design that just set it out from the rest, such as, the screws that hold the peak in place are not just circles, they're in the shape of a “J1”. A nice little touch i thought. Also the front mouth piece of the helmet is removable so no need to spend hours with a thin screw driver trying to pick the mud out, you can simply remove it, clean it, and re-fit it. The peak also comes with a way of adding an extension piece, so no more duct taping an old lens to your peak, now you can look like a pro with a purpose built extension.

Just 1 have recently released they're 10th anniversary edition helmet and gear line this year, and 10 years in the helmet game isn't a whole lot when you think other companies such as Bell and Arai which have been around for decades. That being said this doesn't stop the J18 coming fully equipped with the latest in helmet safety. The J18 comes with multi-directional impact protection (more commonly known as MIPS). The MIPS system itself is a low friction layer that sits between the EPS foam (expanded polystyrene) and the helmet liner, and allows for a sliding motion of 10 to 15mm in all directions. This aims to reduce the transfer of rotational motion onto your brain. In short its at the forefront of helmet safety. It also comes standard with J.1.E.R emergency cheek pad removal system, this makes the removal of the helmet in an accident easier and safer for the paramedics, with the removal of the cheek pads you can remove the helmet with less resistant thus putting less strain on your neck.

The J18 comes in a whopping 30 different colour ways, so plenty of choices when it comes to matching it with your kit and boots (if you go in for that sort of thing). As well as a wide array of colours you can also get it in sizes ranging from XS-XXL. The J18 uses the classic double D retention system to fasten the helmet, the same as most helmets on the market. It also weighs just 1250 grams making it one of the lighter helmets on the market and you do really notice this when you're riding in it. In particular when its muddy, when your helmet is covered in mud you be grateful for the J18 and its light weight shell.

JUST1 J18 Motocross Helmet Review

I have been using the J18 with Scott Prospect goggles, which are known to be one of the widest and biggest goggles on the market. The goggles sit comfortably in the helmet so what ever your choice of goggle there is no need to worry about if they will fit or not. The J18 also has a section around the middle of the helmet for your goggle strap, with a ridge top and bottom it stops the goggle strap from slipping up or down when riding.

Now to the price tag, £315.00 is what you're going to need for the J18. For that price you get a hell of a lot of helmet, when you think that other brands with the same safety technology are upwards of £450.00. So don't let the brands lack of history in motocross put you off of what is a great helmet, it may not be rich in heritage but it is rich in looks and safety.

Tested and written by: Brad Wheeler