Lucas Moncrieff to Team Green, Even Strokes Program and a thank you to customers! - Even Strokes

Lucas Moncrieff to Team Green, Even Strokes Program and a thank you to customers!

At Even Strokes we’re not sure an online motocross shop that talks about supporting the sport, we actually do. This year we gave vouchers away to the top 5 in each class at Corsham Schoolboy Club, a club one of our directors used to race with from the ages of 6 to 15.

As you already know because we love talking about it, but we supported 34 kids from 6 to 16 from all different walks of life, some with mental health issues, some that just needed some support. Louie Kessell, Charlie Cole, LRT Husqvarna team, Aidan and Lewis Wigger, Rob Holyoake, Bradley Wheeler, Alfie Card, Daniel Price, Charlie Frost, Russ Wells and possibly another 3-4 riders we have forgot to add have all been supported with kit including Yoko, FXR and Fox. No assistance from any of those brands we done all of this off our own backs. Thank you to each one of them for pushing Even Strokes in 2021.

Our kids’ program was setup for a few reasons, to help market the business through their social media to push our brand through to seeing if we can start to build a platform for those riders to get more support. That platform managed to springboard not just one rider this year but two! Oakley Kettle who was riding in the small wheels got snapped up by a team that is helping him with a bike in 2022 (Oaks will still attend our training days as him and his family are great!) and Lucas Moncrieff has managed to get snapped up by Team Green Phoenix Tools Even Strokes Kawasaki owner Barry Moore.

There really have been some stand out riders this year on the program results wise and the improvements in each rider on the Even Strokes Program has blown every expectation that was set from not only us but from their own parents.

People speak a lot about helping the sport, however we feel that in 2021 we have invested our profits back into the sport to help clubs, teams, and many riders all within our first 18 months of starting a business.

When you buy from Even Strokes you’re not just buying a part or a piece of race kit, you are investing in the sport with us.

Huge thank you to our customers and congratulations to everyone on the program who grabbed this opportunity with both hands and has not looked back!