Sponsored Yoko Riders - Do you fit our mould? - Even Strokes

Sponsored Yoko Riders - Do you fit our mould?

Now that we are establishing ourselves at Even Strokes, and we have managed to put down some retail roots, we are ready to start our next objective. We are all about making motocross more affordable, so what better way than by working with five young athletes through the rest of 2020? 

We are looking for five riders who we can work with to supply them with three sets of Yoko race gear, as well as Dad’s with the latest Yoko pitwear to complete the package. You will have a discount for other products on Even Strokes, as well as the Yoko race gear, to help make motocross more affordable and help promote our products. 

What can we offer?

  • 3 x Yoko Race Kits
  • 2 x Paddock wear (for Dad)
  • 1 x Gripper Seat Covers
  • Even Strokes graphics for your bike
  • % discount on Even Strokes for parts

You will be offered the following, as well as the parts we will also help you with your riding.

  • Access for free to the Even Strokes ride days
  • Training days to improve your riding

What do we want?

First and foremost we are looking for riders who are polite, respectful and will be good ambassadors for our brand and shop. Customer service is a very important part of our business, so it is important we work with people that respect our ethos. We will also not tolerate in any form from family members any hate, racism or schoolboy-dad syndrome. This is a huge no no for us. Motocross is supposed to be fun, as much as we love racing.

The above is a basic requirement in working with us - we want the experience to be fun and rewarding for all parties. We are not looking for the best riders out there, we don’t expect you to have a huge camper and we don’t care if you turn up in a car with a trailer. A rough diamond who just needs some help, a family struggling to keep riding or a rider who is looking for less pressure… You could be any of these or you can be a normal joe. 

Ideally we would like to support riders who want a little bit of help, like the idea of belonging somewhere and could do with some support on and off the bike. We are also looking to build long-term relationships with our riders rather than changing each year, if this works for both parties then why not?

Our last requirement will be you having a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram to start with and SnapChat and TikTok as a nice to have. Why? We want you to promote yourself and promote us in a positive manner.

One thing you may have noticed is we haven’t asked for results. Well, if you are looking to improve we will try to help in whatever means possible. There is no pressure though. We just want to sponsor you because you are a great ambassador and love riding as much as us! We are not looking at results to help us sell products - we believe in great content, networks and good people. 

If you think you fit in with the above and ride a 50cc, 65cc, 85cc or 125cc aged between six and 16 (and based in the UK for training and ride-day purposes) then we would like you to contact us. If you are from France, Belgium, Holland or other countries then reach out anyway and if we like what we read then we will consider you. 

How do I apply?

We would like you to email us explaining how you think you would fit in with Even Strokes and Yoko. It would be great to know the following...

  • Age.
  • What clubs you are a part of.
  • Any help you have currently.
  • Where you are based.
  • Social media account links.

Our Process

The emails that stand out will be replied to, so we can get to know you a little.

Like the sound of joining the Even Strokes family? Then email info@evenstrokes.com