Olly Spiller - Even Strokes

Olly Spiller

I started riding at three. I enjoyed watching my Dad ride and wanted to try motocross. I started on the PW 50 and began my moto journey on the local kids tracks before I progressed onto the KTM 50SX.


Dad got me a big wheel kit and I felt ready to start attacking the adult tracks. To build my confidence I started some coaching sessions with Josh Spinks which we have continued into 2020. Thanks to Josh my technique and confidence has improved greatly.

This year I raced with White Rose Motocross Club in the Auto Class for my final year on the 50. I gained so much confidence this year achieving my best result - 2nd place at Gale Common and finished the Summer Series 3rd in the Championship.

I now ride a KTM 65SX and look forward to racing it for the first time at my favourite track (Sherwood) at the end of October. My local track is VIP but I love getting to FatCats and DMP to ride in the sand.

When I’m not riding moto I love to take my mountain bike to bike parks and practice sending the jumps.