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Even Strokes motocross, enduro and two wheels Race Program

Even Strokes Race Program

Its been a very busy month at Even Strokes HQ as we’ve had one eye on getting our business ready for Black Friday and our other eye has been on improving and maintaining our sponsorship program. As a new business, every business owner out there would be putting their head in their hands at the thought of a new business putting money into sponsorship at the very start, let alone Motocross sponsorship! More to the point not sponsoring 25 riders to start with. 

When this program was launched we had no intention of looking at results or asserting pressure on while little Billy only scored fourth at the weekend, to be honest none of that matters to us, little Billy getting fourth, first etc is not going to help Even Strokes sell more products. Little Billy having fun with his parents, looking awesome in his new kit and telling the world on social media how much fun he is having is what will help us grow our business. All the riders we work with come from different backgrounds and the only commonalities are they have great personalities, have parent/parents that want to support their child having ‘fun’ on a motocross bike and are a positive influence to those around them. 

Even Strokes tries to help riders with their social media, offering them coaching from great role models on our regular ride days like Josh Spinks and Dan Thornhill and access to a group of like minded people online they can share problems, offer advice and get insights from. On top of this, being able to help those riders and parents with free products to reduce the cost of riding and racing whilst also being on a brands racing program to reduce the cost of items that they don’t get for free from Even Strokes. 

Even Strokes motocross, enduro and two wheels Race Program

Even Strokes has been extremely lucky in finding brands like Muc-Off, Yoko, Motorex, Bickers and OneGripper who can see the potential in supporting grass roots motocross and  these companies are giving back to the people who need it. 

On top of our 20 great riders we support in youth riding and racing, we are also helping a handful of UK riders including Louie Kessell, Charlie Cole, Kayde Reyns, Russ Wells and Rob Holyoake. We have decided to try and help some more riders in 2021 and increase our support for UK based riders further, but we hope to expand this into France, Italy, Belgium and Spain, all those countries that have been buying from Even Strokes over the past 6 months. 

There are a lot of plans and a lot of dreams we have in order to expand motocross, from MX Academies through to a privateer truck, every purchase made in the shop is a step closer to us being able to bring change. 

If there are any brands out there that are looking to support grass roots motocross and are looking for a different marketing strategy I would suggest taking to Muc-Off, Yoko and Bickers/Motorex about the exposure, reach and engagement this is bringing them. I’m sure they would be happy to indicate the positive sales they have had through Even Strokes also, or they may say it’s rubbish as they want to keep this program for themselves!

For riders who are looking for support next year I would first suggest reading some blogs that were created on MX Vice called social scoop that explains ways that can help riders grow their profile and create value for sponsors. You can find the articles here - https://mxvice.com/tag/social-scoop/

After you have read the articles then fill out the online form on Even Strokes here - https://evenstrokes.com/pages/2021-motocross-sponsorship