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Fox 2021 release - My top 5 Fox kits

Over the next seven days we will have had our first ‘new kit’ shipment completed from Fox. As a kid I always got excited about the new kit drops and if you are as old as me you waited for a magazine drop or the Dirt Bike Show in Bristol! So this year we have to do this as a retailer. 

We managed to view the kits as early as February this year for a review and Fox UK and although I have had the pics on my phone I could only share the images with colleagues. In that time we put in an order based on previous buying experience, data and how well we  think the kits will go. The more data you have the better as you can make educated decisions with buying. So now I have talked about the boring stuff, let's talk about the kit itself and what you are purchasing!

We all have our favourites but I’m personally swayed by the Fox Monster kit due to my love of Kawasaki, so I’m hoping that this kit will make me faster by about 3 seconds a lap!

Obviously Fox are no stranger to putting out kits that appeal to the masses and have a rich pedigree in Motocross, they are in my opinion the brand out there to beat. So although I shouldn’t be surprised they have managed to deliver not one but four kits that I absolutely love.

My favourite Fox kits from 2021 range are:

  1. Fox 360 Monster
  2. Fox Airline Pilr Black
  3. Fox Airline Pilr Red/Blue
  4. Fox Flexair Mach One Grey
  5. Fox 180 Revn Black on Black

That's my top 5 from the initial release, what’s yours?