New Website Update - Even Strokes

New Website Update

We're hoping you like our website as much as us? We have worked hard behind the scenes to come up with a site that enables our customers to find what they are searching for quickly. COVID has tested the Even Strokes business over the past few months and being a new business is always tough but to start it in Brexit and a pandemic has made the challenge a lot harder. However we have some really loyal customers and friends that understand the purpose of Even Strokes, which is to support the running of MX Vice going forward.

Our Weekly Deals are really starting to gather speed and we have had some great savings to lower the cost of riding and racing. The new site features this section and we'll continue to find products that we can push and offer incentives on as we work with more brands and like minded companies. We do have some new features on the way, one being a part finder for your bike that will make searching so much easier for you. Choosing your make, model and year will give you every part that is available in our store, from wheels through to pistons, we'll have you covered.

New Website Update

Our MX Vice Indepenance T-Shirts are continuing to sell each week and we will be adding more designs and drops throughout the year to help MX Vice. Keep a look out in the next few weeks of June as we add more MX Vice t-shirts to the collection.

Loyalty means loyalty

We always strive to push motocross in the UK, Europe and beyond and we looked at how Even Strokes can help make motocross more affordable whilst rewarding loyal MX Vice followers and we believe our loyalty scheme does that. You can get rewarded on every purchase, to the tune of 10% that gets converted into points with every purchase you make on the website. So for example if you buy your new set of wheels from Even Strokes for £589.99 then you will get £58.99 in points towards your next purchase. So that set of kit, exhaust or bling part you always wanted becomes cheaper or possibly free if you have enough points. You can check your online account at anytime and it offers you the ability to earn more points by referring friends or posting products we advertise to social media. Save up your loyalty points throughout the year and suddenly that new set of kit starts to become very very cheap when you cash in your points. The key thing to remember is we're rewarding your loyalty, motocross becomes a little bit cheaper for you and as Tesco often promotes, 'every little helps'. Click the image below to start collecting points today or visit this link here, to find out more.


Even Strokes Motocross Loyalty Club

We have decided to keep free P&P for all UK deliveries and introduced a no hassle return policy that gives our customers peace of mind, all we ask is. you return the product in the same condition it was sent in.

We also have some great additions to the website over the next few weeks with Fox, Shift, Prox and Kecks all being sold on Even Strokes. Thanks for reading and any feedback is always welcomed, please contact me on