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Leatt Adventure gear 

The ADV line is made up of three product ranges, to suit all of a rider’s needs. The three product ranges include:

•   The flagship MultiTour gear, designed for all seasons and all weather conditions,

•   The FlowTour gear, designed for warmer climates, and

•   The DriTour gear, designed for wet weather.

The products in these ranges are CE-certified for level 2 and were created using Leatt 3DF impact protection, with Class AA-rated certification for jackets and pants, ensuring uncompromising safety for the rider. The products also incorporate adaptable elements, including either thermal, waterproof, or combined removable layers, depending on the rider’s needs. 

The footwear in the new ADV range includes the ADV 7.5 HydraDri® boots, featuring Leatt’s HydraDri® EVO, a breathable waterproof membrane, and nubuck leather for durability. Their versatility, comfort, and safety features make them ideal for long exploration rides.

The new ADV Subzero 7.5 gloves, ADV HydraDri® 7.5 gloves, and ADV X-Flow 7.5 gloves are available in a standard above-the-wrist fit or a shorter alternative with options for all weather and season variations. All the gloves in the range are CE-tested and certified for knuckle impact protection, with additional features designed for the rider’s needs depending on weather conditions.

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