Even Strokes Sponsorship Update - Even Strokes

Even Strokes Sponsorship Update

Last week we posted a blog about how we wanted to work with some hard working kids out there that are not necessarily the fastest but love the sport and are appreciative of any help. If you missed this blog and the announcement you can find all the information here: https://evenstrokes.com/blogs/news/sponsored-yoko-riders-do-you-fit-our-mold.

The demand for this has been more than we could have ever expected and possibly a little overwhelmed! However not ones to shy away from a challenge, we have decided to increase the sponsorship to from five to TEN riders that is 30 sets of kit we are giving away and 10 seat covers to start with.

We are really excited at this next step in the business and trying to create a positive step forward for both riders, their families and brands that work with Even Strokes. So if you haven’t applied there is still time and we highly recommend that if you fit the mould of what we are looking for there is still time. We are currently going through the applications now and the cut off time will be Monday 10th August at 12.00pm.

After Monday we will start analysing and narrowing down the initial applications, checking riders social media accounts etc and creating a shortlist. We will then consult with the brands that are supporting us and pick 10 riders that fit the mould as described in our previous blog.

Accepted riders will be contacted soon after and announced on 17th August on social media and the evenstrokes.com website. We have also decided that the 10 that didn’t make it this time, we will offer a 15% discount card for each rider to use throughout the season and we will monitor your progress in having fun on the bike, positive vibes on social media and invite you to our ride days (twice a year). We hate to disappoint people so we are hoping this helps!

Thank you again to everyone who has shown an interest and applied. We are truly humbled as a company with all the nice messages of support about what we are trying to do.